How to Join

Joining the Texas State Triathlon Team provides some great benefits:

  • Officially compete for the Texas State Triathlon Team
  • Workout and socialize with coaches, peers, teammates, and local athletic organizations
  • Custom kits and discounts from sponsors
  • Race fee reimbursement
  • Team Travel & Lodging 
  • Social events
  • Free Apparel

  • If you are uncertain if the triathlon club is right for you, contact one of our officers for more information! 

    You are able to train and socialize with the team for 2 weeks before team dues are required.

    Come check us out to see what we are all about!!!

    If after 2 weeks, you want to officially join our fun and inviting team atmosphere, please contact one of our officers here!

    Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 8:00pm (location varies). We encourage you to come to every practice to further your triathlon skills, but there is no strict attendance policy and you may attend practices as you please! 


    $90 for the year or $50 for the semester (cash only)

    We are the cheapest collegiate triathlon team in the state of Texas! :)